We specialize in the repair and service of all types of oxygen concentrators from all manufacturers.

Portable Concentrators | Stationary Concentrators | Liquid Concentrators

We are an authorized factory repair facility for concentrators under factory warranty as well as the following manufacturers


When servicing a unit, we will perform the following steps.

  • 1. Disassembled, clean, and disinfected
  • 2. Replace Sieve Beds if needed
  • 3. Inspect all valves and rebuild if necessary
  • 4. Replace Gasket seals, piston cups, and all filters where needed
  • 5. Test Capacitor and replace as needed
  • 6. Motor windings are electronically inspected and replaced when needed
  • 7. Motor mounts are replaced if necessary
  • 8. Electric cooling fan is inspected and replaced as needed
  • 9. 24-hour burn-in test is run to monitor performance and ensure purity


We sell all types of stationary, portable and liquid oxygen concentrators and we ship anywhere in the US and abroad.

All units sold come with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor. Our reconditioning protocol exceeds industry standards and all services are performed by our factory-certified technicians. All our concentrators undergo the same stringent process.

We provide free estimates on all services before work is performed so you know exactly what you’re going to spend before the repair is completed.


  • Drive
  • Airsep
  • Sequal
  • Respironics
  • Invacare
  • Resmed
  • O2 Concepts
  • 3B Medical
  • Precision Medical

Oxygen concentrators are machines and unfortunately, they will eventually breakdown. If you are going to own your oxygen equipment, you should have a pre-determined backup plan in the event of a power outage or mechanical failure. The first thing you should do in preparation is to have a copy of your oxygen prescription. In the event that your machine does break down, you could contact a local oxygen provider to temporarily rent a machine until yours is fixed.

No. We provide a detailed invoice when a repair is done that you can submit that information to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Most if not all insurance carriers do not offer a medical equipment repair benefit.

Whichever way you wish as long as the machine is properly packed. You can choose any carrier. Please be aware that we recommend that you insure your unit to the cost to replace the unit in case the carrier loses your package.

Please ship us your portable oxygen concentrator, the batteries that you use, and lastly your charger. We need these items to be able to recreate your problem as you have it at home or on the road. In some cases, batteries go bad, the leads to the batteries brake, and in some cases your charger will go bad. We would hate for you to send us your machine and find out that your issue is a battery or charger.

This depends on the type of equipment and issue that it may have. We do not have a blanket answer in regard to how much a repair could be.

Our turnaround time varies based on current repair requests and parts availability. Most repairs are completed within 1 week without counting shipping time. Once paid, we will complete the repair and return the machine to you.  

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

Our Warranty

All of our work carries a one-year warranty that is performed by our certified and factory-trained biomedical services specialists. We perform strict quality control on our products and stand behind our work.

About Us

Welcome to Oxygen Sales & Service, Inc., a South Florida corporation specializing in the repair, service and sales of oxygen concentrators since 1993. Our facility in Miami, Florida is one of the largest repair facilities of oxygen concentrators in the United States.

All our technicians are factory trained and certified to repair and service all types of stationary, portable, and liquid oxygen concentrators. Our stringent control practices ensure that our concentrators meet the highest industry standards.

Our customer pick-up and delivery services alleviate the need for our customers to pack, manage logistics and ship equipment, saving them time, money and effort. We service commercial customers throughout the whole State of Florida as well as export.

Our commitment to quality and our years of experience make us your choice for oxygen equipment and repairs. Call or e-mail us now for a free estimate.

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